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Kids / Teens

Kids / Teens

Looking for something different to do for your child or teens birthday?

Do you need entertainment for the kids at an Adult House Party?

WE will come to your house and take over the party, or keep the kids VERY busy.. we guarantee everyone will have one of the best parties ever! 

What happens at a Paint Party?

The birthday child or teen picks the painting for the whole group. We email selections for them based on their interests.

If we are providing entertainment  at your Adult Party, we have many FUN  options! Just ask for our selection of Crafts and Painting projects

We arrive 30 minutes before the guests arrive and start to set up the Art Gallery.

You provide a table space and chair for each guest. Plus a sink for the artist to use. If you need to cover your floor please do so before we arrive.

We set up each space with a wood easel  ( if the painting calls for it to be useful) and a canvas. or all the supplies needed for chosen activity.

The acrylic paint palette with the appropriate colors for the painting, or all craft supplies.

Brushes,  Paint Water, Paint Towel and Apron.

The  Painting Party portion of the event usually lasts 2 hours.

You provide the food and drinks and decide whether to serve before or after the Painting time. It is nice for the guests to have a refreshment and small snack before the Painting time.

It is always best to open the gifts before the party as some children may need to leave early missing out on that part of the party.

Once all guests have arrived and had a refreshment etc. everyone takes a place, puts on their apron and the FUN begins! We ask to start at the exact time negotiated as we may have another party to get to later in the day.

The guests will receive expert “follow-the-leader” instruction from start to finish. Lots of one on one help and lots of laughs.

We clean up and leave your space as we found it.

These are some options… Email for more!

“My daughter had A Palette of Fun Paint Parties come to our home to celebrate her 13th birthday. Everyone was very excited and some were nervous to start. Gail led them through a fun and calm process where each guests was given special attention  and my daughter was grinning from ear to ear. Each and every painting was amazing, the kids were so proud of themselves and cheered each other on. They were all very excited to take their painting home and show their family. I will have A Palette of Fun back again next year, my daughter said

“Mom all the kids said this was the BEST party ever”  


6– 18 year olds

Minimum # of guests 10 – Maximum 20

(If you have less than 10 guests a minimum payment is required)

  Stretched Artist Canvas

Birthday child/teen picks the painting from a gallery sent to them based on their interests.

2 hours of painting .

Guided Paint Class, group and individual coaching.

Pricing : $30.00 per person – $300.00 minimum

Travel charges may apply.


Booking Your Party

How do I book a Party?

You can contact A Palette of Fun Paint Parties by email

Choose the date & style of party to see if it is available. It is always good to have a first and second date choice for us.

Parties are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to the popularity of our parties, it is recommended to book your party 3-6 wks ahead of time..

Your Credit card will guarantees your party time and details in our calendar when you book. All party dates are held for you by credit .This ONLY holds your reservation the card is not used unless you cancel one week before the party. The full total is paid in CASH the day of the party.

If you book a party with us, yet fail to make your deposit with in 48 hours of speaking with us, we re-open your spot, and make it available to be booked by someone else. If you still wanted to book us, you will need to re-book with us according to availability. At that time you would need to make the deposit that same day. We do not hold spots for anyone longer than 48 hours.

How do I make a deposit?

You cc card with exp. & cvc off the back and address with postal code will be held to reserve your date. 


How far do you travel?

We use google map to find your address. We charge 50 cents a KLM outside of our local area. This will be discussed once we have your address.

Do you entertain at parks or other venues besides houses?

Yes! We can travel to any type of venue your party is located. Some venues have their own restrictions and guidelines, so please check if your venue allows outside entertainment before booking with us.

 Please read our weather policy below to find out if we can service your outside park party!

The Day of your Party

What do you bring with you to the parties?

We bring everything needed to turn the space into an Art Gallery. You provide table and chairs if you feel you need to cover your flooring or chairs, please do so ahead of time.

Weather policy

If you choose an outside party, you will need to make sure the outdoor area is clean and shaded. The location must be free of dirt, mud, rain and extreme wind. On sunny days, please provide a completely shaded/covered area for the instructor.

What can I do to make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible?

There are a few things that always helps the day out. First off try to reserve a close parking spot for the instructor  so she will not have to fight to find parking and walk far. It also helps the party start at the time it is supposed to.  Arrange for the eating time to be either before or after the paint party. (i.e. If  pizza arrives at the same time the instructor is going to paint, the two conflict with each other). Opening gifts before the paint party is the best idea.

Do the Instructors accept a Gratuity?

Absolutely! The instructors that serve you are all well trained and make it their number one priority to ensure your party is a success. Gratuity is not included in the total of your package price, so if you want to show your instructor that you loved the party, Gratuity is a great way of doing so. Though it is not expected, it is always appreciated. 

Tipping an entertainer is just like tipping a waiter, anywhere between 10%-20% of your package total is the typical tip.