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What can I anticipate at a Palette of Fun Paint Party held at a Local Venue?

A Palette of Paint Parties is a fun, relaxed  way to spend the night out with family, friends, your spouse or work associates, or even come alone and meet new like-minded people. We will guide you through the painting step-by-step so you leave with your personal masterpiece to take home. All aterials are included- A complete painting experience.  Some venues offers a package that includes – one alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, and an appetizer as well.

Each Party has its own painting theme where you will learn how to recreate the chosen artwork with a twist of your own. Of course creativity is encouraged and you do not have to stick to the suggested step-by-step process. You may even find yourself enjoying your new found talent enough and want to return for more classes!

Where are the paint parties held?

Most parties will be held in suitable bars and restaurants at various locations in South and East Fraser Valley.  Private paint parties can be held at one of our venues or in your home or workplace.

I don’t have any artistic talent. Will I be able to complete the painting?

Everyone paints the same painting at the same time, and there will be all types and levels of artistic students in attendance. If you haven’t picked up a paintbrush in the last 10 years or only to paint the fence or bathroom, no problem, our lessons are simple, we teach in a very easy “follow the leader: style where all concerns and challenges are recognized and addressed. We encourage you to paint it YOUR WAY, follow along or just go for it using our paints and canvas.. That’s what makes it so wonderful; seeing different renditions of the same subject.

Remember, it’s YOUR canvas, do it YOUR WAY!!

etsyfeaturedshop-katiedaisy-thewheatfield-prints-art-011Do I need to bring anything?

No. We will supply all the materials such as the canvases, brushes, aprons. You just bring your FUN SELF, with an open heart and mind!

At what time should I arrive for class? 

We appreciate it if everyone arrives at the posted time, at some locations you can arrive 10 minutes early before the session starts which would allow plenty of time to settle in.

If you are going to enjoy food before the event , we ask you to arrive at least one hour early !

Seating is already picked out for your and /or your group ahead of time. If you have a preference let us know.

What is the cost

We offer $25.00 nights that include the painting portion only. You purchase drinks and ffod from the venue at your cost.

ALL registrations must be done on the website with a CC Card BUT you ALWAYS pay at the venue. The CC card is NOT used unless you do not show up 😉

Will my hands get paint on them?

Yes, I guarantee that you will! Acrylic paint does come off with soap and warm water. Some of it may require a bit of scrubbing but there is always time to go and wash your hands if they get too messy for you..

Will my clothes get paint on them?

It can happen!!! But not very often….We will provide aprons to help protect your clothes. Preferably, if you know you will be attending a paint party that day, don’t wear your best clothes in case! Make sure your personal belongings are tucked away as well. We do not take responsibility for paint going anywhere other than the canvas.

How long is each paint party?

A typical paint party is 2 hours for the painting experience of the party. Once you arrive your will receive your first drink and appie, this takes up the first 45 minutes of the event, then we start painting. Finish times can vary depending on how the evening rolls… if you need to leave just let us know.

Can kids attend a paint party?

We love kids and teens, some of our venues now allow 10 and over, check the calendar for those venues. 

Art party packages are  available, please check out our Kid – Teen party page!